School Improvement Plan

School Improvement Plan Overview 2014-15

Focus area Target  Actions
Achievement of Pupils 1.1 Communication -To ensure all pupils have a relevant communication system with which they can make themselves understood at all times -Communication Audit

-Targeted action with SALT and Communication Team

-Switch Library development

Achievement of Pupils 1.2 Pupil progress -All pupils make good or better progress as identified in B Squared or in individual holistic assessment evidence

-To raise pupil outcomes and close the attainment gap for any pupil within the Requires Improvement/ Inadequate range to ensure that they meet or exceed progression guidance expectations

-B Squared update

-Liaise with SALT on reading for ASD pupils

-Individual interventions

-External moderation

Achievement of Pupils 1.3 Home school learning -To ensure that every opportunity to promote pupil achievement is embedded through shared home/ school learning -Establish minimum agreement for home learning

-Parent support with home learning via workshop

-Resource making workshop for parents

Quality of Teaching and Learning 2.1 Curriculum review -To undertake a curriculum review to improve delivery and standards in response to pupil need

-To establish a school networking group with other ASD providers within South Gloucestershire to share best practice

-To establish a school networking group with other Post 16 providers across the South West to share best practice

-Scheme of Work for Land Based Studies

-Post 16 collaboration with other South Glos schools

-Redevelopment of resources for Land Based Studies

-Review ASD good practice with CPD sessions and joint working

Quality of Teaching and Learning 2.2 Outdoor play and learning -To develop Outdoor Play and Learning in line with high quality teaching to ensure that quality of teaching is outstanding -Develop Spiritual Garden

-Develop Secret Garden

-Extend Horticulture provision

-Plan for redevelopment of Primary play areas

Quality of Teaching and Learning 2.3 Pace, challenge, style and delivery -To ensure the pace, style and delivery of learning is suited to the needs of all pupils at all times.

-To implement TOTAL approach through clear expectations for teachers and support staff

-Teaching and Learning Handbook

-Audit of pace, style, and delivery

-Individual meeting with HT and HoD

-Teacher self reflection on pace, style, and delivery

Behaviour and Safety of Pupils 3.1 Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural -To systematically plan and deliver Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural learning for all pupils -Review current provision via audit

-Strategic development plan for SMSC

Behaviour and Safety of Pupils 3.2 Behaviour for learning -To ensure that Behaviour for Learning is outstanding

To provide challenge for most able pupils- extending current strong progress

-Improving pupil voice to ensure that students are able to have a say in planning for their own future

-Identify inclusion opportunities

-Challenge opportunities for most able pupils

-Review employability provision and expectations

-Review transition planning process with person centred planning approach

Behaviour and Safety of Pupils 3.3 Independent learning -To improve independent learning to enable pupils to work individually and within small groups

-Pupils to be able to plan their own learning

-Every pupil to access a lunchtime club of their choosing on a weekly basis (Primary), 3 times per week (Secondary and Post 16)

-Define independent learning

-Audit of practice

-Lunchtime activities planned and delivered for all pupils

Leadership and Management 4.1 Partnerships -To improve partnerships with families and the school community through the role of Family Support Worker

-To develop a “strong and consistent voice” with New Siblands School through governor collaborative working

-Appointment of Family Support Worker

-Shared agenda for a voice for special schools

Leadership and Management 4.2 Children and Families Bill implementation -Implementation of reforms in Children and Families Bill -Staff updates

-Schedule for changes to Annual Review and teacher reporting to parents

Leadership and Management 4.3 Financial sustainability -To ensure financial sustainability, health and safety, and quality of teaching and learning under new banding system -Banding review completed

-Staff attendance monitoring

-Sustainable induction planning